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CHECK UP programs (comprehensive examinations)

The program allows you to identify possible diseases and risks typical for the age of 25+, using laboratory and functional studies, as well as consultations of leading specialists. Control of …


In medical institutions, residents and guests of the country can always receive qualified assistance from specialized specialists. Research and treatment of neurological diseases are within their competence. These include both …


Urology is a field of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary system and the reproductive system in men. Urology is recognized as one …


If you want to receive gynecological services, our company will help you organize a medical tour at the best price. The complex of medical tourism includes professional examinations and treatment …


No person is insured against oncology, regardless of age, gender, social status. But the achievements of modern medicine have made it possible to achieve fairly high results in the treatment …


We will become your navigator in a huge range of medical services. Interaction with leading clinics in the country and many years of experience guarantee the quality of our service. …

What we do for free?


We will redo medical documents and issue a request to international clinics, to professors specializing in the areas you need.


We will provide several complete answers with treatment plans, a description of the proposed therapy options and a cost calculated individually for each case.


We organize a meeting with a sign at the airport, transfer (delivery) to the hotel and back to the airport, accompanied by a Russian-speaking translator during doctor's consultations and medical procedures.


We keep in touch with your attending physician, organize additional consultations (in absentia or via Skype), help to continue treatment, follow recommendations, and monitor results.


Individual approach

Selection of medical institutions and hotels

Prompt response to customer requests

Comprehensive support and advice

Leave a request for treatment or ask a question

Leave a request for treatment or ask a question We cooperate with dozens of medical institutions, so we can advise those clinics that have the best equipment. So that you know in advance what awaits you and what are the prospects of treatment, we will organize an absentee consultation with a doctor.

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    Helpful Hints

    Neurosurgery without a scalpel

    It is known that the mortality rate during brain surgery used to be 30%. But with the development of technology, the methods of treatment also change. Thus, the Swedish neurosurgeon …

    New method of aortic valve replacement

    In a modern, dynamically changing world, we quickly got used to technological innovations and the comfort that they bring to our lives. It is difficult to surprise us with something. …

    Hearing can be returned!

    More than 5% of the world’s population – 466 million people (432 million adults and 34 million children) are hearing impaired.In some, the problem is congenital, in others it appeared …

    Medical tourism

    Medical tourism

    High-quality and effective treatment abroad

    Check - up tourism (comprehensive examinations)

    Check - up tourism (comprehensive examinations)

    Examination, diagnosis clarification in foreign clinics

    Beauty & Health tourism

    Beauty & Health tourism

    A full range of health and beauty treatments in foreign centers


    Bishkek, Toktogul str. 125/1, Office 605